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Cindi Davis

Cindi Houston Davis received her business degree at Western Michigan and went on to the Fashion Institute in New York City to pursue her dreams in fashion and design. She was hired directly out of school to design skiwear for Sport Obermeyer and has been a leader in outdoor wear design ever since working for such names as Reebok, Adidas, North Face, Spyder, the NFL, Sierra Design,(more) to name a few. One of her favorite projects was outfitting the USA Olympic team in the Calgary and Soule Olympics.  She presently does all of the design work for Outdoor Gear, an industry leading in ski and outdoor apparel.
 Cindi’s passion for creative design spilled over to her most recent dream of creating jewelry that is loaded with fashion sense yet of superior quality and mindful of the pocketbook. Cindi has lived in Aspen for over thirty years and has created a line of jewelry that brought together her love of nature and the mountains with her keen sense of feminine elegance. The aspen leaf has always been a symbol of the beauty that blankets the Rocky Mountains with its lush green hues in the summer and vibrant shades of yellow and gold in the fall. Cindi has taken this mountain wonder and blending it with the splendor of fresh water pearls and gems from around the world to create jewelry with Aspen leaves gilded in 14 carat gold, sterling silver and copper. Each piece is totally unique and created in her mountain top studio in Aspen, Colorado. Like snowflakes, no two leaves are the same and each creation busts with individuality and beauty. Cindi has created a line that also incorporates the unique nature of fresh water pearls to highlight the silver, gold and copper leaves. Like the leaves, each pearl overflows with its own sense of character, individuality and beauty.
Sift through her collections and see how these creations of beauty and elegance can add to your sense of self expression.